Created December 2022

What is it?

  • Engine: Unreal Engine 5
  • Language: Blueprint

This is a gameplay prototype made in Unreal Engine 5 built around using the pawn possession feature in the engine.

In the prototype, there are various animals that all have unique abilities:

  • The Fox, who can fit into smaller gaps and interact with human machinery.
  • The Crow, who can fly around the map with unique controls.
  • The Wolf, who can attack enemies and absorb more hits.
  • The Stag, who can break down destructable objects and deal massive damage, equivalent to a glass cannon.

Each animal has a full set of implemented animations, including multiple death animations for the crow depending on if they’re flying or not.

The player must use the unique abilities of each animal, including their different weights, to traverse the gameplay prototype and reach the end.

  • Pressure plates activate doors based on weight.
  • An AI enemy will chase the player with a sword.
  • Basic puzzles must be solved using the different abilities of the animals.

Personally, I would like to work more on this as this was for a university project that was short on time and the level itself is quite barebones. There is a lot of potential here for expanding the scope of the project, the crow’s flying ability in particular being one I could expand more upon design-wise - despite being well-implemented.


  • Assets used: