Created August 2022

(video below in case you can’t play)


  • A and D to run.
  • Space to jump.
  • S to crouch.
    • Crouch at speed to slide.
  • Jump at speed along a billboard to wall-run.
  • Jump while on a wall to wall-jump.
    • Use WASD to angle your wall-jump.

What is it?

  • Engine: Godot 3
  • Language: GDScript

This is a 2D platforming demo with parkour-style gameplay with the goal of incorporating various features that contribute to game feel.

These features include:

  • Wall-Jump Coyote Time, letting the player wall-jump even after setting their input to the opposite direction of the wall, just for a second.
  • Variable jump height that lets the player choose how high they jump by holding Space.
  • Jump buffering, which detects jump input just before the player hits the ground and buffers it so they jump when they land.
  • Slide boosting gives a speed boost to the player when they slide. This recharges after a short while to prevent abuse.